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Monday, October 23, 2006

NYC and Back

R and I went up to NYC for the bachelor and bachelorette parties of a couple whose wedding we're attending in the Dominican Republic over Thanksgiving. We borrowed R's parent's car and zipped up Saturday afternoon. Immediately upon arriving at another friend's place in Brooklyn (and shortly after I accidentally blew through the Goethals bridge toll without paying) we went out, bought a handle of rum and four of us set about playing poker and waiting for the groom to show up and be surprised. After his arrival, some more poker, tequila shots and a stripper coming by to give a show, we headed out to SoHo. Plans originally were to go to some Bulgarian bar that has a very circus-like atmosphere, but the place was closed. We ended up at Motor City where I ran into Anton Newcombe, lead singer of Brian Jonestown Massacre. He asked if you could borrow the chair I had my hand on. Not recognizing him, I said yes and he sat down next to where I was standing as an Amazonian blonde woman started to massage his neck. I turned to talk to the groom, heard a loud popping sound and turned back as Anton started yelling at me for not having seen what she just did.
"Brian Jonestown Massacre, right?," I asked.
"Yeah, yeah, but did you just see that?!?"
"No. I heard it, though."
"Awesome! This girl is a chiropractor or something."
And that was my celebrity sighting of the weekend.
After Motor City, we ended up a Pianos and then some Hookah bar near First and First. After that, things are pretty much a blur. A good time was had by all. I got back to the apartment we were crashing at around 5am and found R had gotten home from the bachelorette party about two hours earlier. We were out the door in the morning by 11am and back down to DC to return the car by 4. Not too shabby!

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