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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blog Neglect

I have to admit it, I've been neglecting this thing; using it as more of a link repository than anything else. I see something interesting, don't have time to comment on it and instead just click on the nifty little in the Google Toolbar. It's handy. I'm lazy. Enough said.
I'll blame work for taking up most of my time and not allowing me to sit around writing about what I think.... probably because I only have time to think about settlement distributions, loadfiles and queries (if that's not sad...).
R and I went to visit the GPs out in CO for four days last week. It was gorgeous. The lakes are still frozen over and allow for plenty of snowball fights and picture taking. My mom, brother and sister were all out there as well, so plenty of family time was spent. This was quite a nice change from the work, work, work all the time that's been going on here in DC. With R on a different schedule that has her leaving pretty early and working most weekends we don't see eachother during the day very much.
There is a cat on my lap. I think she purposely start to slide off onto the floor when she's falling asleep so that I'll pull her back up and pet her a bit when she's about to slip. Crafty bastard.
Big news is that R and I are going to New Delhi in July to put our tax return to good use. Won't Bush be pissed when he learns that we're spending the money we saved due to his tax cuts on an Italian airline to fly to a foreign country. "Trickle-down" my ass. HA!
On Wednesday night we went to the 930 club to see Editors and StellaStar. Both were excellent.
This evening we went to the Spring Stock party at a store in Georgetown that sells Thai and Indonesian furniture, hand woven hats, artsy purses and hand-made jewelry, among other thigs. One of our neighbors is friends with the owner and we all went out after meeting at the store to have dinner.
Now I'm back home, very sleepy and sorry that I can't write any more. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually pick a topic and really write about it. Doubtful... but it could happen.
Tomorrow night we're off to see She Wants Revenge at the Black Cat. I've never heard their music, but am assured that if I like good music, I'll like this show. The pressure is unbearable. Of course, based on this review of their album by Pitchfork... I might be dissappointed in another Interpol/Joy Division copy cat like the Killers/Bravery/Editors/etc. Then again, those bands aren't shabby and can certainly play and sing better than I.
To bed!
R and J engaged in a snowball fight. R hits. Runs.

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