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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sad Idiot

Bush started up the anti-anti-NSA wiretap spin machine in Kansas yesterday. I listened to the NPR 5 minute news podcast this morning on the way to work and giggled at this little gem that Bush said about Samuel Alito at some point during his Kansas appearance:
"[Samuel Alito] is a very, very smart and capable man. He is uh... He... I mean, when you talk to Sam Alito, you think, 'Smart. Judge.'"
How deeply profound, this guy. It could be a lot worse. Sam Alito could be a guy who lifts cans and has an IQ of 45. Then when you talked to Sam Alito, you would think, "dumb can lifter." If only the Senate didn't just have to vote him in, anyway. Why bother with wasting my tax dollars on a confirmation charade? Why not spend them on replacing the $12.7 million that was cut from the federal student loan program.
One last thing:
It's a sad day when a news headline reads, "Bush to Take Unscripted Audience Questions." Have we actually come to the point where this is something that is so out of the ordinary that it counts as news? Sad, sad, sad.
That's all I've got. I'm definitely getting into this whole podcast things. It almost makes me wish I had a longer commute.

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