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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hitotoki DC

I've been enlisted to help promote this great project called Hitotoki in its Washington, DC implementation. Per the website:

The word Hitotoki is a Japanese noun comprised of two components: hito or “one” and toki or “time,” and is often translated as “a moment.” In common usage, it can be used to describe any brief, singular stretch of time (if we share a meal someday, you can call that a hitotoki).
hitotoki was somehow born from the brain of these three morons

Hitotoki launched in May 2007 in Tokyo by Paul Baron, Craig Mod and Chris Palmieri. On paper it is a collab­oration between Tokyo/ Seattle-based indie publisher Chin Music Press and Tokyo web design group AQ.

Each story on this gorgeous site is accompanied by a picture and its location on a custom Google Map.

We're aiming to get a good pool of submission collected for a March 1 launch, so if you (or anyone you know) who wants to write a 200-500 word short story about a specific place and time in DC tell them to get their mouse pointed to lickity-split. Once there, you can download a submission form and then send it in to: submissions_dc -at- hitotoki -dot- org

Tell your friends. Pass it on. And check out the site, it's fascinating!

I've also been enlisted as an editor of submissions - but mainly as a stop gap between submitters and the true editors in the event of not-so-serious submissions. :)

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