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Thursday, July 13, 2006


So a little bit earlier I read an article about how Israel had bombed the airport in Beirut and thought that it was pretty screwed up. I posted the link automatically from CNN via Blogger's "Blog This" button. The button grabs the title of the HTML page for the title of the blog post and the text of the hyperlink. You can see the post just below and the title is "Rockets hit Israel after airport attack - Jul 13, 2006", but the actual headline of the article on CNN is: "Israel attacks airports, major highway after Hezbollah lobs rockets"
For one thing, their timing seems to be in reverse for the article headline and title. For another thing, they appear to have used the title for a pro-Israel statment and the headline for the opposite. Now that I link to the article again I can see that they've changed the page title to match the headline... I'm pretty sure that Hezbollah attacked first, but it's surprising that they got it wrong in the first place.
Either way, I'm very anti-Israel in these latest actions. Capturing soldiers is wrong. It's terrible. But launching missles isnt' the solution and neither is bombing airports. If the last few decades of Israeli action have taught us anything, it's that heavy artillery isn't very good at stopping terrorism... or even stemming the tide. How can governments be this stupid and desperate?

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