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Friday, May 05, 2006

MySpace - Backwater of the Internet

I was discussing MySpace with some coworkers the other day and how much I hate it. Then, this afternoon, I read an article at about committing "MySpacecide" and decided to do it myself. I am no longer listed on MySpace. I am quite happy about it.
I was even more elated when I read further through the article and learned about, which links to the MySpace pages of people who have died. It's one of the saddest web sites I've ever seen (beyond postsecret).
I never liked MySpace. It seemed tacky... like the Atlantic City of social networking sites. That's not to say that Friendster is fantastic, but at least it doesn't feature any sites "pimped" by
So that's it. No more for me. I'm done. I bow out.

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